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Jeanette's Clients

Anxiety evolved from paralyzing to manageable

"My name is Jennifer and I am an ICU nurse as well as masters prepared in nursing education. Meeting Jeanette Dadson and using LENS therapy has changed my life. In June of 2016 I had my first of several panic attacks, followed by anxiety and depression. I went from an active, happy woman with a full time career to a woman who was too anxious to work or socialize. I developed phobias and feared having another panic attack so much it left me broken. By chance I was introduced to Jeanette who was elated to discuss how LENS therapy could help me and my symptoms. I was skeptical at first but I was also motivated to get my life back so I decided to try it. Jeanette's warm approach and extensive background in nursing made it easy to develop a strong therapeutic relationship. Her passion for LENS and my own curiosity is what first started me on this therapy, but it was the positive results that kept me coming back. The most significant change was in my symptoms of fear and sadness. My anxiety evolved from paralyzing to manageable, and I started to feel peace within myself. Before I knew it I was leaving the house, socializing with friends and doing the things that once brought me joy. I still am on my journey of returning to full health but I am 80% better that where I started from. I attribute my success to LENS therapy and I am beyond grateful for Jeanette and this treatment."

– LENS client

Noticeable decline in aggressive behaviour

"My 10 year old was having focusing issues, violent and aggressive at home. Following LENS treatments there has been a noticeable decline in her aggressive behaviour at home. There is an ability to leave things without getting overly agitated. It appears that my child is able to have more control over her emotional outburst and is communicating her thoughts more clearly. My child has had a significant gain in academic work since starting on LENS. I would highly recommend parents to try the LENS program with there children if they are having difficulties. Jeanette is so kind and gentle with my child. Prior to trying the LENS we tried several different modules of therapy and my child was very resistant to treatment. There is no resistance to the LENS treatment and my child is always asking and eager to attend an appointment with Jeanette."

– LENS client

More clarity and understanding

"My name is Gerard. I suffered from severe eye pain, mild anxiety, photophobia and low productivity at work. These difficulties were due to severe head trauma and concussions I have suffered over the years. For the first time in 30 years I have had the eye pain removed and it has been such a relieve to not sustain daily piercing eye pain. I have experienced substantial reduction in anxiety, for example driving is no longer anxiety producing. There is more clarity and understanding in the work I am doing which has led to more fluidity in my work . Since starting the LENS program with Gentle Currents I have become more productive in my work and am very pleased with the results. To date I have had 20 sessions."

– LENS client

Michael's Clients

Make sense and purpose out of my thoughts

"Mike is a great listener and a gifted communicator who truly cares about the well-being of the person he is counseling. My sessions with Mike have been helpful not only in healing and strengthening my marriage but in helping me to understand myself better. He has helped me to take the pain of a very hurtful and devastating experience and use it as an opportunity for growth. He creates a safe atmosphere where I feel comfortable to talk openly and honestly. Through listening to me and reflecting back my thoughts in a way that is affirming to me as a person, Mike has helped me to understand my own emotions and more importantly to get comfortable with my emotions. Through counseling I have been able to make sense and purpose out of my thoughts and life experiences and gain confidence in who I am and my ability to make decisions for myself."

– Counselling client

Guided me towards health in my life

"My sessions with Mike have been life-changing for me. Instead of offering 'quick-fix' solutions to what I now see as symptoms, Mike has helped me to dig deeper and to get at the root of the problem. By asking me wise questions, he has helped me understand what it is that leads me to behave in certain ways, and has guided me towards health in my life and (therefore) in my family's life. I'm extremely grateful for his care and guidance. My sessions with Mike have been by far the best investment that our family has ever made."

– Counselling client

I felt empowered and validated in my feelings

"Mike Dadson helped me to see value in caring for myself and letting go of unrealistic expectations. He walked me through the painful process of meeting oneself and gave me tools, specific to my story, for present and future relationships and circumstances. In my counseling sessions, I felt empowered and validated in my feelings. This experience has been an invaluable and irreplaceable part of my life."

– Counselling client

helped me to grow into the person I want to be

"Although I initially started counselling to work through some specific coping problems I was having at the time, I have continued to attend counselling sessions regularly on a monthly basis. It is really important for me to be able to open up to someone without ever feeling uncomfortable or judged. Mike has been instrumental in helping me to sort out my issues and has helped me to grow into the person I want to be. I have referred Mike to several of the people that are closest to me and would not hesitate to refer him to others. It is one of the most useful tools at my disposal to become a happy, compassionate and loving human being."

– Counselling client

Consistently helpful with challenging situations

"I have been referring patients to Mike Dadson for 10 years, and have found him to be consistently helpful, even with very challenging situations. I can highly recommend him."

– Counselling client


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