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    What to Expect
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LENS Neurotherapy
LENS Neurotherapy

What can I expect at my sessions?

Gentle and pain-free process

Jeanette is a trained and certified medical technician. Working closely with you, she determines which of the 21 mapped areas of the brain to place the electrode sensors on. These sensors sit on the surface of the scalp. The LENS software produces an electroencephalogram (EEG) map that guides the placement of these sensors.

A low level of electrical stimulation is applied, about as much as needed to operate a digital wristwatch. The process is gentle. There is no pain. You don't need to do anything, making this ideal for individuals who may not be able to sit still for longer periods of time, or follow instructions.

Retraining the brain

LENS communicates directly with the central nervous system, and either speeds up (more common), or slows down the brainwave frequencies. It retrains the brain for optimal functioning.

Results are often long lasting, as the brain recognizes efficiency and readily adopts the new way of working. There is often a noticeable increase in functionality, relaxation, and competence in the very first session, with the added benefit of symptoms improving... naturally.

A typical LENS session lasts 30-50 minutes. Most clients book anywhere from 1-20 sessions.


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