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Php Treatment Center Newport Beach

Php Treatment Center Newport Beach

Most people who struggle with depression or mild anxiety will live graciously so that people cannot even tell whether you have an issue. An average person who suffers these mental issues will have a regular job, a relationship, a circle of friends, and an active lifestyle.

It is so easy to hide the unpleasant effects of depression and continue fulfilling all your to-do lists before you completely break down. The right to a decline begins when you have heightened pressure and immense anxiety that cripples your ability to have a typical day.

How can you receive treatment and still maintain autonomy for your everyday life? Often, the best option for treating depression and other related issues is to get into a partial treatment program.

Everything About The Partial Hospitalization Program

What are the differences between PHP and IOP? PHP programs are intermediate services between inpatient and outpatient services. It is less strict than an inpatient program but more structured than an outpatient program. You get to enjoy flexibility and freedom while staying in a somewhat inpatient treatment program.

The patient has to visit the facility every day for therapy, but they get to leave every evening to spend the night in their home. The daily visits stop when the program stops, after which you may join an outpatient program when it is advisable.

PHP programs are under the governing of AAPH and NAPPH. The plan's main objective is to provide active treatment without the restrictions that come with inpatient care.

Who Needs PHP Treatment?

  1. Patients with a low risk of severities – Some patients thrive in inpatient programs because they need constant monitoring. PHP is better if one does not need active supervision and can fend for themselves after leaving the facility.
  2. Progressive patients – Some patients who leave inpatient care can join a residential or outpatient treatment facility. If you want a faster but more productive transition back to your everyday life, you can consider PHP.

The team at our PHP treatment center in Newport Beach will advise on whether you are a good candidate by looking at your diagnosis, so we can be sure that your body and mind are fit.

Benefits Of PHP Programs

Easy Transition

What is better between PHP vs. IOP? Our PHP program has a clear outline of everything and will assign you programs that match your lifestyle. You get to spend time in a facility that offers almost as much advantage as inpatient care but also lets you go back to your life. The smooth transition allows you to maintain a perfect balance of both lives by giving you tools to cope with different co-existing issues while engaging in life.


Partial hospitalization mental health treatment is inexpensive because you use fewer resources and spend less time in treatment. Many insurance companies do not have a problem covering the program, and you should be able to come in without feeling the financial strain.

What can you expect from the program? Each one is different because they all depend on your individualized diagnosis. Contact us at 949-541-8466 to learn more about intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospital treatment.


Php Treatment Center Newport Beach
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