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alcohol treatment programs in new Hampshire

When comparing alcohol treatment programs in New Hampshire, please consider everything we have to offer you at Live Free Recovery Services. Our residential alcohol addiction program is one of the best in the state, with alternative outpatient and day treatment programs to choose from, as well. If you or a family member need help to beat an addiction to alcohol, we’re waiting with open arms to answer questions, provide free resources, and help you get the care you need to start healing today. Call 877-932-6757 to learn more about our drug and alcohol services in NH.

Take a Closer Look at Live Free Recovery Services

Statistics show that only one in five individuals with an alcohol addiction seek treatment to overcome their drinking problem. Alcoholism is a serious problem in the US, but it’s one that often gets a blind eye turned in its direction because it is a widely accepted addiction. Getting drunk in public does not carry the same stigma as does showing up to a family or public gathering under the influence of drugs. At Live Free Recovery Services, we understand the problem facing family members of an alcoholic and we offer a number of services to assist you in getting a loved one into treatment.

Acknowledging the Problem is the First Step

Whether it’s someone close to you with a drinking problem or you’ve recently discovered that your drinking is causing issues at your workplace or in your home life, rest easy knowing that our staff can walk you through the steps of getting the help you need. Contact us to schedule an initial assessment with one of our counselors and learn about our New Hampshire alcohol use treatment programs available to you. If you need to detox from alcohol, we’ll provide a safe and comfortable place and medication to ease withdrawals.

Rated the Best Alcohol Addiction Center in NH

Live Free Recovery Center can meet you wherever you happen to be on your road to recovery, whether that means an inpatient program that will provide structure and support, a step-down day treatment program, or outpatient services to fit your busy lifestyle. Know for certain we are here for the duration of treatment when you’re searching for alcohol treatment programs in New Hampshire.

Customized Levels of Care at Live Free

You’re unique, unlike any other patient we’ve treated at Live Free Recovery Services, and we want you to know that your treatment program will be unique, as well. We won’t try to use a cookie-cutter approach to finding your path to wellness; rather, we will address your individual needs and offer a customized treatment program based on you, and you alone.

Your phone call to our New Hampshire drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab is strictly confidential- we simply want to offer resources, support, and professional advice if you need to detox or find a program. Even if you just need to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line, we want you to call our staff at 877-932-6757.

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alcohol treatment programs in new Hampshire
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